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07 November 2009 @ 01:11 pm
castlevania: rapid oxidation, ch. 01;  
Title: Damn Summer Weather
Fandom: Castlevania
Pairing: Genya Arikado & Mina Hakuba
Prompt: #1 Fiery Days
Word Count: 783
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Genya is stuck outside on what seems to be the hottest day of the year. His spirits are unsually lifted when the house's mistress brings him some lemonade...
Warnings: Genya says a bad word. XD Cursing. That's all.
Author's Notes: I am in no way affiliated with Konami, Nintendo, or Sony. This is just a fan effort. Enjoy?

Fiery Days---
It was a horrible day. The birds were chirping in a grove of cherry trees, squirrels were frolicking across the courtyard, and the sun was shining like a pharos in the night sky. The sweet smell of flowers blooming and wilting under the care of the fiery orb above made Genya’s stomach flip over onto its side.

He groaned, “Damn summer weather…”

He was stuck outside today because of Mina. She had insisted upon cleaning the house from top to bottom without any interference. Sure, Genya could have offered to help to escape the sun’s volatile wrath, but he loathed chores.

The searing heat must have fried his brain along with his not-so-jovial disposition. He growled up at the heavens and shoved his face into the voluminous tome of forbidden magical rites that he had gripped between his hands. Sweat beaded along his wrinkled forehead and slid down the sides of his face like a stampede of slugs. He shuddered, ‘Mina had better hurry it up…’

The front door creaked open and caught Genya’s attention almost immediately. He peeked past the gigantic cover of the book and spied the house’s little Mistress. Her vacant smile always softened his mood. It was that sugary attitude of hers; It was terribly infectious. He watched her glide along the wooden porch with a tray of lemonade and two glasses. He grinned, albeit sadistically, ‘Ah, sweet relief from this god-awful heat.’

“I’m so sorry for booting you out of the house on such a dreadfully hot day, Mr. Arikado.” Mina lifted the crystalline pitcher and poured the sparkling refreshment into one of the empty glasses on the tray. “So, I thought I’d make it up to you!”

She whirled around and thrust the glass into his direction. Her face was beaming. Genya casually set his book aside and sniffed at the liquid apprehensively before snatching it away from the giggling girl. The end of his tongue probed the glass’s content and retreated into his mouth satisfied. He stiffened the muscles around his lips, to keep himself from grinning, and uttered in a low tone, “There is a great deal of sugar in it.”

“Don’t you love sugar, though? That’s why I put so much in!” Mina poured herself half a glass and sat beside Genya on the porch swing. She gently rocked the seat to and fro while wolfing down the lemonade in her glass.

Upon closer inspection, Genya could notice the sweat around her face. He heaved a lofty sigh and pulled a handkerchief out of his jacket’s breast pocket. He hesitated for a moment; What excuse could he give for such an action? It was his duty to look after Mina. He had promised Soma that he would.

He leaned over and dabbed around her cheeks with a concerned frown plastered onto his pale face. Mina turned her huge, brown eyes sideways and stared up at the stoic government agent. Once he had finished, he sat back onto the porch swing and stuffed his nose into the book again. A sympathetic smile graced Mina’s lips as she tapped Genya on the arm, “Is something bothering you, Mr. Arikado?”

Genya flinched; Maybe he shouldn’t have done that. His shoulders slumped over as he dropped the book into his lap and glanced over at Mina. Her little face was thatched with dust and dirt; She had been working hard. By herself.

Guilt seized the angsty dhampir as he stared a gaping hole right through the little girl across from him. Mina appeared to be as confused as ever and she pat him on the shoulder to reassure him, “I’m almost done with the foyer, so you can probably come back inside soon, okay? I’m sorry.”

As Mina rose from her seat on the swing, Genya’s long arm sprung forward and he latched onto her wrist. Mina, frightened by his sudden maneuver, asked in a squeaky voice, “Y-yes, Mr. Arikado?”

“I was curious,” Genya slinked off of the porch swing and leaned forward, “Might I assist you in the cleaning? I’m quite tired of this humid weather.”

He had leaned forward too much. Mina’s face was a mere four or five inches from his sweaty, albeit smelly, chest. A light blush encircled her cheeks as she tilted her head back to gaze at him, “Oh, you’ll help me? I’d like that.”

She pulled a broom aside from the door and handed it to Genya with a nervous stutter in her steps. To make matters more interesting, Genya swept the door ajar and motioned for her to enter with a slight bow.

Charming ladies took no effort for a creature who had lived as long as him.
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