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02 October 2009 @ 10:54 pm
trinity blood: beneath the libertine, ch.01;  
Title: Welcome to the Vatican

Author: blueroguelinds

Fandom: Trinity Blood

Characters/Pairing: Leon Garcia de Asturias/Charity LeClair (My OC)

Table: Opposites

Prompt: #1: Too Much

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: A light amount of perverted eye-wandering.

Word Count: 1241

Summary: A man like that was impossible to contain. He was far too much for anyone to handle. Too tall. Too strong. And way too good-looking.

Notes: I don't own Trinity Blood. XD

“He was so wrong about this place.”

The seventeen-year old nun yawned in accord with the sleepy atmosphere of Vatican City, Rome. It was a dreary, winter day and the streets were practically empty. Her bright eyes darted from one attraction to the next. The architecture teased her intellect and invited her to take a closer look.

“I haven’t the time.” She whispered into the frigid air and continued down the street with a slow gait. The Bishop had specifically told her, ‘No sightseeing.’ It was maddening; Walking by all of those glorious, old buildings and not being able to admire a single one. Her gaze shifted to the ground below, blanketed with ice and flakes of new-fallen snow. She sighed again, ‘Boring.’

She couldn’t possibly admire the Vatican any more than she had in the past. This was her second visit to Rome, but her first alone. Her father had gone with her previously, worried sick that she’d lose her way in such a monstrously sized city. ‘There has to be something interesting around here.’

She reached the brass gates that guarded the courtyard of the grand building and was prompted to show some sort of identification by a man with a pointy stick and a very unattractive beret. His eyes were stern and his demeanor nasty.

“Why, of course.” Charity smiled back at him pleasantly. A rectangular piece of plastic was drawn from the cuff of her sleeve and thrust into the guard’s line of vision, much to his dismay. His gallant expression quickly faded into disappointment as he ordered the gates to be opened for the young lady. “Thank you ever so much.”

She traipsed past the defeated guard and crossed the courtyard with glee. A sudden giddiness had come over her. It must have been the Vatican. No matter how many times she studied its familiar image, be it a book or up close, it never failed to distract her. Its architectural structure was indeed ridiculous and over-emphasized. However, it possessed a regal command and charm over all of the other buildings surrounding it.

Unfortunately, its magic didn’t last very long and Charity was left where she started, nothing to observe. People had names for her odd fascinations, busybody, eavesdropper, stalker, and some too vulgar to reiterate. She was only curious. There was no harm in that.

Until she spotted a peculiar sight by the grand stairs that lead into the Vatican’s core building. It was a motorcycle. She cocked her round head to the side and approached the vehicle carefully. It was definitely an older model, somewhat antiquated. It was in great shape, though. She ran her slender fingers over the chromed handles and shivered. It wasn’t the cold weather.

Shrill giggles turned her attention to a far more interesting specimen. Girls garbed in sisterly habits had clustered around a gigantic, rather handsome man. Charity immediately rolled her big eyes skyward and heaved another sigh. The girls squealed and tugged at his robes with all sorts of curious requests.

It was disgusting. And Charity just stood there, staring at the shameless flirt loosely dressed in a priest’s robes. “What’s so great about him anyways?”

She pursed her upper lip and thoroughly examined the free-spirited philanderer. He was freakishly tall compared to the gaggle of girls that encompassed him. His skin was somewhat darker than the rest and went surprisingly well with his wiry hair. Half of his chest was bared to the elements, a foolish statement on his part. She couldn’t stop staring at him.

“What am I doing?” She sank her little teeth into the flesh of her lip and yelped. ‘A fair punishment, I suppose.’ She proceeded to climb the stairs, all the while studying the weird man in the corner of the courtyard. ‘Pervert,’ She mused.

Everything was fine until he glanced up at her. He had such a weird presence about him; It utterly captivated her sense of curiosity, and sadly, her bearings. The gilded doors of the Vatican met her body violently, sending her to the gelid concrete in a heap. It was nothing new. Charity ran into things all the time because she was so busy observing.

“Whoa.” A gruff voice echoed from behind as Charity struggled to regain her senses. The patron laughed heartily and extended a huge hand in a friendly manner. “Are you okay, little lady?”

“I’m fine, thank you…” Charity donned an adorable smile and raised her head from the ground.

It was him. Her heart exploded out of her chest and fled for the comfort of the Vatican, leaving her alone with the biggest wolf in Rome. The man cocked an eyebrow and pulled her upwards.

She was kind of cute. He had seen better. Her strange personality was what intrigued him, though. “You’d best be careful; There are a lot of doors around here.”

“Humph.” Charity slipped out of his reach and reached for the golden handle to her left. The stud’s big hand beat her to it, though, and gently pushed the door ajar for her to pass through.

“Heh. Don’t be a stranger.” He pushed her into the building with a smile that rivaled the devil’s. He immediately closed the door behind him and saw her walking away, quickly. ‘I think she likes me.’

“Idiot.” Charity mumbled under her breath as she sped down the hallway with a fake smile plastered to her face. Heat rose off of her cheeks and threatened to spoil her demure image. She huffed and slipped into a vacant room to cool off. “Why is this happening? How could I possibly be attracted to that…”

She stopped herself mid-sentence and took a deep breath. She tried to rationalize his weird advances. She attempted to understand.

Another funny giggle reached her little ears, and she peered through the crack in the door; He was already busy with another girl. Her eyes narrowed and she murmured, “Figures.”

She slumped over and moped out of the empty room. She rarely receive any attention of that nature. She had forbidden it. It was so unnecessary and it would tarnish her position.

A man like that was impossible to contain. He was far too much for anyone to handle. Too tall. Too strong. And way too good-looking. Charity wrote him off as another desperado plowing through some kind of mid-life crisis.

“There you are.” Smoothly, Charity was pulled into the shadows of the corridor. She shrieked and swatted at her captor, only to discover his identity seconds later. “Did you miss me?”

“You have such a wonderful sense of humor.” Charity dropped her false visage and pulled away from him. She continued down the hallway yet again, her heart thumping faster with each step.

“You can’t possibly have a boyfriend with that attitude, sunshine.” He was at her side within minutes.

“I don’t need a boyfriend at the moment, thank you.” She strode way from him yet again, blood rushing to her cheeks, and to her relief, he didn’t pursue.

Instead, he stood in the middle of the hallway with a curiosity of his own. She walked kind of funny but her caught an occasional silhouette beneath the layer of fabric that shielded her pale skin. His grin widened as his eyes climbed to greater heights. He finally exhaled a low whistle, satisfied with his findings, “You are mine.”

There was an excess of everything. Ego, morals, attraction…

Welcome to the Vatican.
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