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10 December 2009 @ 11:05 pm
let your babies grow up to be cowboys  
Because Weird Al can make ANYONE smile. XD

So, I was bored at work and decided to read a magazine. TIME was the mag I snatched off of the shelf. Those gossip mags just don't amuse me any more. -3-

And so, I read about our lovely president. Ya know, the guy that got elected because he could give a good speech but couldn't do jack-sh!p about anything. Yeah, that guy. XD (Sorry, but he also got elected because he was gonna be the FIRST black prez. Woop-dee-feckin-doo.)


XD This is just a rant. But our ecnonomy seems to have worsened. We're gonna have government controlled health crap, and on top of all that: I MIGHT HAVE TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS.

Yeah. That's how really STUPID this presidential cabinet is. ><; Abortion is a serious issue and I hope that the Senate has enough brains/balls to reject it. Oh, look, a quiz!!

What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?
What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?
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That legal stuff up there is simply my opinion and I am entitled to it by laaaaw.
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